What is HALO

It seems unbelievable that during this pandemic, some people are taking advantage of the misery of the poor farmers and consumers! While the consumers in Dhaka are paying higher prices for vegetables, the middlemen are paying next to nothing to the farmers. So you are paying more but the farmers are getting less. HALO (Healthy Agricultural Livelihood Organization) was born to address this economic injustice. We have successfully created a model where the farmers are getting a fair price for their produce and the consumers are paying less for their daily purchase. How is it possible? HALO makes this possible by taking the “Farm to Table” approach. We are purchasing the fresh vegetables directly from the farmers and bringing them straight to your table! No wholesale supplier and absolutely no middleman. We will ALWAYS pay 20% more than what the market pays the farmers, while keeping the price of our products at least 20% lower than the market price of the product for you. This is the HALO Promise. We at HALO check the market price of similar online portals and supershops everyday and ensure that both the farmers and the consumers are getting the best price. Our job is to create a WIN /WIN bargain for everyone.

Our Mission

Inspire Change in the lives of the Farmers and provide safe and affordable produce to our Customers


Ending the Poverty present in the Farming community while promoting the well-being of our customers through providing fresh, safe and affordable produce